Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Rumors – Was It Really A Fake Beauty?

These days, there have been lots of exposure to Korean artists in as much as this particular country has gained so much public attention particularly in the realm of music as well as movies. One of many Korean female artists who has been popular on the internet is Kim Tae Hee. In 2002, the year she began her career, there was an advertising executive that saw Kim riding. And this executive was infatuated in her beauty and then offered her a modeling career opportunity. Afterward, Kim appeared in a television commercial as well as advertising. This was all done before she began her career in acting. In 2001, Kim Tae Hee started her career trajectory in the movie industry. It was in a movie entitled Last Present that she appeared on movie in 2002. After that Kim Tae Hee was also involved in the sitcom Let’s Go. In the late of 2003, she rose to the star contract through her portrayal of the evil stepsister in a movie popular as SBS TV series named Stairway to Heaven. At the beginning of 2004, Kim Tae Hee was in cast working as a leading role in her succeeding projects. In the following years, there have been more and more movie series that she took part as well as numerous advertisings in which she was involved. All of those sparkling and fabulous career trajectories appeared so easy for her in as much as she had one of the most enchanting looks that every man is infatuated in. However, there had been some news and rumors saying that Kim Tae Hee once had plastic surgery to boost her beauty, something which was already common among artists.

What made her to get the Knife work?

Perhaps, there have been lots of confusions on the public regarding the reasons why the beautiful Korean actress decided to go on plastic surgery. The rumors germane to Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery has been quite some time on everyone’s lips. Also, when you browse the nets, you will also spot some differences that you can attribute to the very rumors on Kim Tae Hee. There were some issues on this. One of many rumors about Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery was that the beautiful actress had double eyelid surgery. This particular procedure has been taken by many Korean stars. You may also notice that Sandara Park once was rumored to have this surgery. Kim Tae Hee has been rumored to get this knife work as well. However, this issue has not been proven so much in as much as in the late pictures; there have not been much different on the eyes. There was the only nicety in the pictures on her eyes.

Was there chin and cheek implants?

In addition to the facial work which was done on her eyes, there have been some rumors that the beautiful Korean actress had some chin and cheek implants, which corroborated the rumors on Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery. These two procedures were still in debate for the nice actress had yet to make any statements on that issue. Also, when you look at the pictures showing the difference, there has not been a significant difference that can be noticed. Therefore, it was again debatable whether the beautiful actress indeed had plastic surgery had taken some surgical procedures to escalate her beauty. If you look at the pictures showing the difference between before and after the plastic surgery, there were, however, some changes that you can see. You can see that her eyes are now much wider open that they were used to be.

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