Lala Vazquez Rumors – What has been the buzz on everyone’s lips?

Lala Anthony, also known as Lala Vazquez, is one of the famous American disc jockey as well as actress and television personality. She has been taking part in a great number of programs. Vazquez first got a job in Atlanta as a programming assistant at radion. While studying in a senior high school, she procured her first massive break with the debut in a radio show, called Future Flavas. Having worked for some time at the radio station, Vazquez and then decided to move to Washington D.C., it was in this lovely city that she attended the University of Howard and had her major in communications. At Howard University, she also worked as a disc jockey at the campus radio station which was known as WHUR. Afterward, in 2000, she decided to move to California, Los Angeles. Over there, she worked as an announcer at KKBT radio. It was there that the public noticed her as well as MTV, which then determined to invite her to attend an audition. Even though she was not called back until one year after the audition was over, she kept striving to work at the same radio station. Soon after the work at KKBT radio, Vazquez and then got the chance to be the co-host of MTV direct effect and total request Live. In addition to this, she was also asked to host a program named The Reunion Specials for the entire seasons. The other fabulous job that she once had was the cosmetic enterprise that she ran at the Market America World Conference at the American Airlines Arena. Vazquez was so inspired to spark a fascinating line of cosmetic products for women in a great number of colors. Only recently has Lala Vazquez been rumored to have some rather inconvenient news claiming that she once had plastic surgery.

Was there any Change at all?

When first hearing news about plastic surgery done by a celeb or artists, we are going to be tempted to search for some pictures on the net which show the real difference, if any, germane to the subject in rumor. This is of course also indicative for Lala Vazquez plastic surgery. Since she has been greatly recognized across the United States and even the entire world, much has been said about this very issue. People of course, like always, will go rather shocked and the buzz about omnifarious stuff will be there. So, was there any change at all? Perhaps, yes, there was. But it was only presumably that we could deal with it. There have been some pictures showing some differences between before and after she took the plastic surgery, however. Well if we look at the pictures, there can be some convincing comparisons that can be made before and after the plastic surgery. There has been a slight change in her nose. In accord with the recent pictures, you can see that her nose has been much more refined and, in a sense, more beautiful.

An artificial Master Piece

If you look at the nose, there has been some difference, indeed. However, even though it was made up, still she looked so natural in that artificially shaped nose. Such natural nose appearance must have been carried out by a professional surgeon. Her nose looks slimmer, nicer, thinner with the narrower bridge, and looks fascinating with her fabulous face. While if you look at her previous pictures, you will notice that her nose seemed rather a rounder with wider tip and bridge. It was due to these photos that Vazquez was rumored to have some rhinoplasty. However, her nose indeed looks so natural as if there were no signs of plastic procedure done on her nose. Although it was an only small detail, still it was quite convincing that the rumor about Lala Vazquez plastic surgery was true.


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